Cambium LLP Secures Innovate UK Grant and Collaborates with Liverpool 5G on NetZeroNet (NZN) Project

Cambium LLP, a leader in sustainable smart innovation and strategic collaboration, is pleased to announce its recent success in securing funding from Innovate UK.

This funding, awarded as part of the “Innovate UK Net Zero Living Digital” competition, will support Cambium’s ambitious NetZeroNet (NZN) project. The goal of NZN is to quantify the environmental impact of telecommunications networks and services. Cambium is excited to collaborate with Liverpool 5G Ltd in this venture.

NZN builds on Cambium’s previous efforts to develop a comprehensive method, framework, data analytical models, and tools to support the sustainable development of telecommunications networks and services. This project is crucial as these technologies play a key role in decarbonisation efforts, yet their own environmental impact must be assessed and managed.

Tony O’Donnell, Partner at Cambium LLP, said: “We are delighted to receive this funding from Innovate UK, which not only recognises our commitment to innovation but also highlights the importance of addressing the carbon impact of telecommunications infrastructure.

“Leveraging Liverpool 5G’s experience in deploying 5G networks to deliver innovative high-value services, we hope this project will create assets that will help the telecommunications sector contribute positively to the development of a net-zero economy.”

Working closely with Liverpool 5G Ltd, NZN will focus on modelling ‘use-phase carbon emissions’ for a well-defined network configuration. This provides a foundation for a range of activities aimed at minimising the carbon footprint of telecommunications infrastructure.

As data handling networks and IT systems expand, so too will energy consumption and associated emissions. However, innovation within the network or at its edge has the potential to reduce these impacts. NZN will address the growing need to profile both the energy costs and related emissions of 5G networks.

Rosemary Kay, Project Director of Liverpool 5G, commented: “We are pleased to collaborate with Cambium LLP on this important project. By working together, we aim to quantify and highlight the net environmental impact of our networks. This will enable us to demonstrate that our state-of-the-art network-enabled services can support decarbonisation objectives and deliver truly sustainable value to our partners, users, and stakeholders.”

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