Zenger News Service is a news wire service that uses a proprietary software (also called “Zenger”), along with editors hired from the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other major outlets,  to assure the highest editorial standards in its reports.

It is the first wire service designed for the Internet Age. Most wire services–such as AP, AFP, Dow Jones and Reuters–are older than the light bulb. Bloomberg, the newest, is older than the Internet itself.
The Zenger software uniquely assures quality by using voice-recognition to verify quotes and facial-recognition to verify the identities of sources. (Anonymous sources are banned.) The software detects and prevents: plagiarism, cliches, misused trademarks, redundancies, misused words and other copy errors. The grammar and usage engine is based on the world’s largest database of English-language words, capturing every word published since 1450 A.D. It automatically renders all content into the latest edition of AP Style.
It covers politics, national security, foreign affairs, economics, entertainment and other topics.

Contact us: Operations@zengernewsswervice.com