D.C. Fontana, Star Trek Writer, remembered by stars of the iconic Sci-Fi show
Arthur Oaden Dorothy Caroline Fontana, a beloved writer for the original 1960s “Star Trek” television series, whose plotlines  helped the science fiction television gain mainstream popularity passed away earlier this […]
Soccer field suggests progress in ending Gulf state dispute
  Karim E. Moustafa American efforts to repair broken relations in the Gulf region may be working – at least on the soccer field. The decision of Saudi Arabia’s team […]
US Ambassador Challenges Zambian Government After Two Gay Men Jailed
Lennox Kalifungwa Diplomatic tensions are rising between the United States and Zambia after the southern African nation sentenced two gay men to fifteen-year years in prison for “crimes against the […]
For the First Time In Nearly 40 years Pope Celebrates Mass in Japan
TOKYO–Pope Francis greeted Roman Catholics from across Asia, marking the first papal visit to the island nation of Japan in nearly 40 years. The special mass was conducted in Japan’s […]
Grim Holiday Season for Nigerian Farmers
When Musa, a farmer in Northeastern Nigeria, heard the rustle of hooves, he knew there would be trouble. The 58-year-old told his wife and children to run to the next […]
“Distasteful shadow of doubt” in death of White Helmet founder
  Days after Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs called him a “spy,” James Le Mesurier fell to his death in Istanbul. He was a British subject who led the White […]
Trump Mulls Conditioning Aid on Religious Freedom, As Violence Flares in Nigeria
Stephen Kefas Solomon is an unlikely poster boy for freedom of speech in Nigeria. Solomon, a janitorial manager with a flair for Facebook, was imprisoned earlier this year after running […]
Opposition Leader: Foreign Influence Growing in Venezuela, As U.S. is distracted with Impeachment
In recent weeks, the American media has almost exclusively focused its attention on Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump, while the story of the largest humanitarian disaster in the Western […]
Star Trek Star Shatner Shames Millennials for “Ok Boomer” Comment
Star Trek’s Capt. Kirk Faced down monsters and mind-reading aliens.  And the actor who played Kirk, William Shatner, is just as bold in fighting Twitter attacks from Millennials. When dismissed […]
Airlines Throw Perks Overboard to Pave Way for Electric Plane
As high operating costs cut into already-tight margins, and strict carbon emissions standards hover in the distance, the race is on in the aviation industry to go electric. Fuel can […]
Promoter Eddie Hearn Is Changing Boxing Forever
By Joseph Hammond London — British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is attempting to expand boxing’s appeal outside its blue-collar base. Boxing is perhaps the oldest of professional organized sports. Through […]
President of Crime Prevention Research Center: Get rid of gun-free zones ‘immediately’
  Fresh from a congressional hearing on gun control policy, the president of the called for an end to “gun-free” zones in an exclusive interview with Zenger News. Dr. John […]
Congress Holds Hearing on Possible Gun Policy
Democrats aren’t waving the white flag on efforts to implement new gun laws. In fact a new push from progressive lawmakers would create “Red Flag” laws designed to prevent individuals […]
ISIS Ally Attacks Nigerian Army In Key Border City
Fr. Peter John Wumbadi, a Roman Catholic priest in Nigeria, could hear the roar of automatic gunfire when he phoned his friend. The Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram had invaded […]
Terrorism Threat Re-Emerges in Yemen
By Luis Arellano The internationally recognized government of Yemen is seeking a dangerous rapprochement with Da’esh and Al Qaeda terrorists. While the government hopes the effort will bring new peace […]
GAO: Many barriers to entry in Public Service Loan Forgiveness program
Democratic presidential candidates are touting an expansion of loan forgiveness programs however, a recent government study cast doubt on the efficacy of such programs. A $700M expanded public service loan […]
Cherokee Nation sending first representative to U.S. Congress
Citing a historic 19 century treaty, the Cherokee Nation has announced plans to send their first-ever representative to congress. Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. announced this week that he […]
Christian Pastors Targeted by Kidnapping Gangs in Nigeria
The kidnapping of pastors for ransom has reached epidemic levels in Nigeria. “Just in the last month there have been a lot of pastor kidnappings,” said Rev. Joseph Hayab, the president […]
U.S-Trained Soldiers May Have Killed 3 Cops in Nigeria
By Douglas Burton Three Nigerian police officers were murdered, allegedly at the hands of a corrupt Nigerian military unit trained by U.S. advisers — straining relations between the United States […]
Ditching College For Plumbing, One Woman Finds A Competitive Advantage
Cape Cod is home to white, clapboard houses, stony beaches–and an offbeat father-daughter plumbing business that found success by being different. Jennifer Lannon’s “Jen’s Plumbing & Heating” bills itself as […]
Can Boris Johnson Bring Brexit?
Three years after voting to leave the European Union the United Kingdom has still yet to “Brexit” from the organization. Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom’s newly installed prime minister, has […]
Anti-Christian Attacks in France Quietly Quadrupled. Why?
When fire ravaged the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris last April, many Americans were surprised to hear speculation that the blaze might be tied to a wave of anti-Christian attacks in […]
Who Will Clean Up America’s Voter Rolls?
LOS ANGELES — County has too many voters. An estimated 1.6 million, according to the latest calculations – which is roughly the population of Philadelphia. That’s the difference between the […]
Controversial Hong Kong bill is ‘dead’ – but not ‘withdrawn’
By Tim Nerozzi Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, has announced that the violently protested legislation, allowing the extradition of Hong Kong residents to mainland China, is “dead.” The […]
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