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Please write for us if you are a passionate lifestyle writer, business writer or travel writer? If so then why not become a contributor for Z News Service?  We are dedicated to giving our readers the very best content out there, so we love welcoming new writers to the team to write for us. We are always happy to accept well written articles to publish on this site helping to keep our followers up to date with the latest stories from around the world.  We syndicate to MSN News  Google News  so anything that you write for us will index right away.MSN Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

If you would like to write for us about the latest world news, anything interesting that is happening in the business or technology sectors, lifestyle, health, travel or sports current events then we would love for you to contribute to our news site. We will happily accept your article, but as with anything, there are a few rules we need you to follow before submitting your guest post.

Editorial Guidelines

  • All guest posts submitted should be at least 500 words in length
  • All guest posts should be 100% unique and not published on any other website or blog, have a check on Copyscape if you are not sure.
  • Articles should fit with the current guest post categories on Universe News Network, from business to technology, health and general lifestyle guest posts.

Please note that we reserve the right to refrain from publishing due to unsuitability or make minor amendments to the article if required.

We encourage you to submit artwork along with your submission, such as images, charts, graphics, etc. Preferred format is JPEG or GIF. Please provide file no larger than 100k. Ideal dimensions are landscape 450 x300 pixels. Where necessary, we resize or crop your images.

If you can stick to these simple rules and would like to send us a guest post then please send your enquiry to our editorial team at: editor@znewsservice.com and we will review your blog post.

Guest Post Subjects When You Write For Us:

If you are not sure what would be a good topic to write your guest post on, we have put together a list of categories that you might be interested in contributing to our site:

  • Write for us: Business
  • Write for us: Finance
  • Write for us: Technology
  • Write for us: Lifestyle/Health

If you would like to write for us about a topic that is not mentioned on the list, guest bloggers are welcome to suggest new engaging subjects that will excite our readers.

Ideas for Guest Post Titles

Lots of guest authors sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas for guest posts.  We do love a listicle and a number in your guest post title is always a winner.  If you are a confident writer and already know the topic that you would like to contribute to the site about, here are some good titles that work great for guest bloggers:

  • The 5 worst ways we are devastating the environment
  • The business gurus guide to making money: 7 ways to succeed
  • 20 ideas for Covid safe travel in 2021
  • The 10 best ways to sell your house quickly in a housing slump

As you can see from these ideas of guest post titles, in order to keep our readers engaged, we follow some rules ourselves.  If you would like to write for us the greatest guest post title rules to follow are:

  1. Grab your reader’s attention with a clear and interesting headline
  2. Use a positive or negative word like best or worst
  3. Use a number in your headline
  4. Use an engaging word or phrase like “ways to succeed”

Please let us know what you think of our site and how we can improve.  We always welcome your feedback and questions.  Get in touch, write for us, or just keep up to date with our newest content and latest guest posts.  We are here to engage with you any time: