Young Woman Reveals Obsession with Fizzy Drinks

A 20-year-old woman from Southampton, Natasha, has disclosed her obsession with fizzy drinks, particularly Pepsi Max, and the significant amount of money she spends on them each month. Natasha claims to consume between 2 and 4 litres of Pepsi Max daily, a habit she has maintained for the past four years. She shared her “strange addiction” on TikTok, where her video received 700,000 views and went viral.

In the video, Natasha reveals that she experiences withdrawal symptoms, including migraines, if she goes without fizzy drinks for 24 hours. She likened her consumption of Pepsi Max to breathing oxygen. She attributed her initial interest in sugary drinks to low blood sugar, as recommended by a doctor. She switched to Pepsi Max due to its lack of sugar and cost-effectiveness. Natasha estimates that she spends between £70-£90 per month on fizzy drinks.

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While Natasha acknowledges her “obsession” with fizzy drinks as a form of snacking, she believes the negative impact on her health. She experiences a rapid heart rate and occasionally feels close to passing out when engaging in physical activities like walking upstairs. Despite her frail condition and difficulties with eating, she associates her withdrawal symptoms with her fizzy drink consumption, particularly migraines and impaired mobility.

Despite the potential health risks, Natasha humorously describes herself as a “reliable friend” because she always has a “massive” bottle of soda, making her the go-to person for friends needing a fizzy drink. Social media users have expressed shock and concern over her confession, with some sharing their own experiences related to excessive soda consumption.

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