Fear Rises as Stakes Guarding Alleged Vampire’s Grave Go Missing in Bolivia

Locals in Potosí, Bolivia, are engulfed in fear after two of the eight wooden stakes guarding a supposed vampire’s grave were stolen.

The grave, located southeast of La Paz, is believed to belong to a vampire, stirring unease among the community.

Recently, cemetery visitors observed that two stakes, blessed with holy water, had disappeared.

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Paranormal expert Javier Cordero explains that the stakes were intended to prevent the vampire from leaving his grave.

With two stakes missing, residents fear the potential removal of the remaining six could lead to the vampire’s resurrection and bloodthirsty return.

The vampire, according to local lore, fled Europe for South America, where he allegedly claimed several lives before being subdued and killed with three stakes by locals. Additional stakes were placed around his tomb as a safeguard against his revival.

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Cemetery staff are now vigilantly monitoring the site to protect the remaining stakes.

While some locals remain sceptical, cemetery manager Mauricio Flores describes the tomb as “chilling.”

Cordero points out that this is not the only Bolivian grave purported to contain a vampire. He shares that another alleged vampire’s coffin in a different cemetery was recently set ablaze by arsonists, revealing chains and crucifixes inside.

Cordero told the press, “This metal coffin housed a creature from beyond the grave, a vampire.”

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