Enigmatic Woman Reveals Heartbreaking Tale Behind Her Eerie ‘Doll Morgue’ Residence

A woman, often labelled a ‘witch’ by the locals, has finally unveiled the sad narrative that shrouds her unsettling ‘Doll Morgue’ dwelling.

The façade of this unique property is adorned with a multitude of dolls, surpassing a count of 200. At the same time, hundreds more find their place within the confines of the residence.

Myr Quintanar, who shares the dwelling with her elderly husband in Mexico City, has disclosed the poignant symbolism behind these dolls. To her, they are not mere playthings but representations of departed children who, tragically, could not find peace in the afterlife due to violent deaths or the absence of proper funerals.

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Myr has painstakingly amassed over 1,000 dolls in her home, driven by a deep desire to release the trapped souls of these unfortunate children.

She explained, “Upstairs, there is a small chapel where I have holy earth, flowers, and candles to help them transcend into the light.”

Her collection strategy involves sourcing dolls from cemeteries, hospitals, and nursing homes and salvaging them directly from nearby bins. Each doll undergoes a solemn ritual in her chapel, accompanied by prayers before they find their final resting place on the exterior of her house.

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Intriguingly, Myr holds no fear of death; in fact, she embraces it. Her familiarity with the concept dates back to her childhood in a city orphanage.

She recounted a poignant memory: “A girl used to carry her doll everywhere. She suffered from depression and even self-harmed with razor blades. One day, she was suddenly found dead in the orphanage.”

The image of the girl clutching her doll left an indelible mark on Myr’s consciousness.

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The mysterious ambience of her dwelling has earned it a reputation among the locals, who often refer to her as a ‘witch.’ The house bears monikers such as ‘The House of the Dolls’ and ‘Doll Morgue.’

Recently, a Mexican YouTuber and urban explorer MC Tramador Urbex visited Myr’s residence. He sought to engage in a conversation with her and gain deeper insights into the unusual decor of her home.

Reflecting on the experience, the YouTuber shared, “When you are close to the house, it does make you feel slightly distrustful. But when you’re there, you feel more curious to enter than afraid of anything.”

He added, “Myr is very friendly and sometimes comes to comment on my channel.”


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