New Relationship Coaching Service by Osprey for Business Couples

Osprey, founded by Gillian Andale and renowned for its business and relationship consultancy, is proud to announce a specialised coaching service for couples who run businesses together. This service aims to provide a solution for couples grappling with the complexities of managing a business while maintaining a healthy personal relationship.

The service, named the Relationship Harmony Formula, is an all-encompassing approach that focuses on aspects such as Identity, Finding Their North Star, and Staying in Their Lanes. It is designed to assist business owners in striking a balance between their professional obligations and personal life. Offered through Zoom or face-to-face mentoring sessions, this service is tailored for couples whose business turnover is £1 million or more.

Osprey is committed to helping entrepreneurs and business partners who understand the importance of investing in both their business and their relationships. Gillian Andale, the owner of Osprey, brings over four decades of experience in the corporate sector, having worked in 40 different countries.

Gillian’s journey includes notable achievements like authoring two Amazon best-selling books, being an international speaker, and spending 25 years studying human behaviour. Her consultancy’s focus on family businesses has been influenced by her own experiences, including managing a blended family with six children and forming a consulting service with her husband for the Australian Federal Government.

Following her return from China and Japan in September 2018, Gillian refocused her expertise from corporate to small business support. In the UK, Osprey has been successful over the past four years, particularly in assisting small to medium-sized enterprises.

Gillian’s dedication to mentoring and personal development is highlighted by her investment of £50,000 in acquiring top mentors and entrepreneurial training during the pandemic.

Gillian remarks, “Osprey aims to bring about transformative results, saving marriages and businesses from disaster while positively impacting children and fostering harmonious relationships. Our consultancy has already witnessed significant growth among its current clients, attributing success to a life by design rather than by default.”

She stresses that the quality of relationships directly affects the quality of life and family dynamics. Osprey encourages couples to envisage their ideal life and tailor their business model to support this vision.

Gillian Andale invites couples in business to explore Osprey’s transformative coaching service.

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