Amanda Tremlett: From Challenging Beginnings to Bestselling Empowerment Author

Empowerment Coach Amanda Tremlett recently marked a significant milestone, celebrating the burgeoning success of her business since its launch in April 2023. As the co-author of the Amazon bestseller “The New Rules of Wellness Volume 1,” Tremlett has quickly become a source of inspiration for those seeking transformation in both their personal and professional lives.

Amanda Tremlett’s story is one of unwavering resilience and determination. Despite initial academic challenges, Tremlett surmounted these hurdles, ultimately rising as a preeminent empowerment coach. Her academic journey took a pivotal turn in 2003 at the University of Hull, where she pursued a History degree and came to terms with her ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and visual stress diagnoses.

2010 marked a crucial turning point for Tremlett, as she completed an Advanced Coaching course and joined the International Coaching Federation. Her road to success was not without its trials, including a struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome and dealing with PTSD stemming from teenage trauma.

Tremlett’s response to these challenges was to embrace emotional journaling and participate in an Enterprise Skills course at Hull University. These methods not only aided her in overcoming her trauma but also provided the foundation for rebuilding her life. By 2018, she had simplified her lifestyle, restructured her routines, and emerged stronger.

Her commitment to personal development and her knack for converting adversity into opportunity earned her recognition in 2012, winning the University of Hull’s Education Campaign of the Year award, a testament to her extraordinary resilience.

Tremlett, with her firm belief in the transformative power of individual effort, has conquered her own challenges and now dedicates herself to assisting others in their journey to success. Her coaching underscores the importance of transforming life’s obstacles into triumphs and encourages everyone to recognize their potential for remarkable change.

Today, Amanda Tremlett leads a flourishing coaching practice, helping numerous clients with her expertise. Her story stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking to achieve complete freedom, master time management, and convert challenges into victories.

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