Stride & Glory Accelerates Expansion for 2024, Eyeing Greater Business Heights

Stride & Glory, a front-runner in marathon coaching, led by Carl Wakeford, is delighted to announce an ambitious expansion in response to its growing customer demand.

The program has earned several awards for its impactful marathon coaching, which is dedicated to fostering both personal and professional resilience. Stride & Glory stands out for its comprehensive individual support, emphasising mindset development, tailored training systems, and holistic approaches that go beyond mere physical training. Key features of the program include enhancing motivation, setting boundaries, and specifically addressing the needs of expectant and new parents, typically those with substantial financial resources, who seek healthier lifestyle choices.

Carl Wakeford, a chartered accountant turned marathon coach, founded Stride & Glory drawing on his own experiences of corporate stress and adversity. The coaching team, with backgrounds in both corporate and elite military sectors, deeply understands the demands of high-pressure environments. Wakeford’s transformation from battling low self-esteem to building resilience through marathon training is at the core of the program’s philosophy. His role as a caregiver for a quadriplegic relative has further influenced the program’s focus on self-confidence, mental toughness, and physical strength as essential tools for overcoming life’s challenges.

The program’s success is evident from 69 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and an exceptional 99% 5-star success rate. Stride & Glory has been recognized with several industry awards, including the Community Impact Award in the Health and Wellbeing category at the UK Business Awards. This recognition stems from the program’s significant impact on individuals’ lives, with clients transitioning from running novices to marathon finishers, attributing their improved physical health and persistent attitudes to the coaching received.

Carl Wakeford states: “At the heart of Stride & Glory’s philosophy is the belief that anyone can run a marathon and build resilience with the right support and guidance. Our program challenges the perception that marathons are inaccessible feats, emphasising that crossing the finish line is a testament to the strength and character of the individual. We are proud of the sizeable shift in client achievements we see following our mentorship.”

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