JP’S PRIDE LOGISTICS Broadens Its 3PL Service Range, Boosting eCommerce Profit Margins for Clients

JP’S PRIDE LOGISTICS, a foremost provider of fulfillment solutions for an extensive array of eCommerce enterprises, has today declared an expansion in its third-party logistics (3PL) service offerings. The company now boasts augmented Amazon preparation and merchandise returns services, designed to assist businesses in refining their operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

With the addition of these new services to its comprehensive solutions portfolio, JP’S PRIDE LOGISTICS enables clients to concentrate on their primary eCommerce activities, thereby augmenting their revenues by delegating the intricate and labour-intensive elements of fulfillment and logistics.

Paul Goldberg, CEO of JP’S PRIDE LOGISTICS, shared insights into their approach, stating, “With years of experience in supporting successful eCommerce businesses, we have found that the best results come when the merchant focuses on its core competencies, which involve finding great products to sell and marketing them to customers.”

He further elucidated, “That’s a very demanding workload all on its own. Logistics is not typically a core competency for most eCommerce merchants, and it can in fact be a big drain on time and resources. And, lapses in logistics can lead to further headaches with customer service. These are the problems we solve.”

JP’S PRIDE LOGISTICS empowers its clientele with cutting-edge 3PL technology. RT Fulfillment, a component of their service, facilitates the reception of bulk goods from wholesalers, processes customer orders, secures the inventory, and ensures the packaging and delivery to the end customers.

For Amazon merchants, JP’S PRIDE LOGISTICS offers comprehensive support for the intricate processes involved in product sales and delivery on the platform, including the management of the often complex returns process, which may require merchandise inspection and additional steps.

Clients have the option to seamlessly integrate their e-store orders with JP’S PRIDE LOGISTICS’s software, ensuring efficient communication and fulfillment across various eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and others.

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