Baldwins Travel Set to Unveil First Store in Lincolnshire at Grantham’s Isaac Newton Centre

Baldwins Travel Agency, a beacon of excellence in the travel industry and a recipient of multiple awards, is expanding its footprint to Lincolnshire with a brand new branch in Grantham, heralding an exciting phase of growth.

Rooted in over 120 years of history and with a network of nine stores in Kent and Sussex, the agency has seen stewardship transition from the Baldwin family to Mr Botting, and then to the Marks family, until its recent transition to new ownership in 2021.

Located in the Isaac Newton Shopping Centre, the new Grantham store is getting a facelift in preparation for its opening celebration on March 4th.

Dan Shaw, the appointed Chief Commercial Officer, outlined the agency’s proactive strategy for growth, which includes expanding its portfolio through the acquisition of complementary travel businesses.

The positive response from the Grantham populace has reinforced the agency’s resolve to push forward with its expansion plans, supported by its storied reputation for superior customer care, deep travel expertise, and an extensive array of travel options.

Expressing his optimism for the company’s strategic growth, Dan Shaw remarked: “Following the planned opening in Grantham, we are thrilled to further expand our operations through strategic acquisitions,” emphasising, “We are actively seeking opportunities to acquire travel businesses that align with our values and commitment to delivering unforgettable travel experiences to our customers.”

The agency’s expansion strategy, focusing on acquisitions, underscores its commitment to broadening its reach and enhancing the travel experience for a larger audience by leveraging the capabilities and resources of the acquired firms.

With an eye on further growth, Baldwins Travel Agency remains dedicated to scouting new store locations across the UK and investigating additional revenue streams beyond the conventional retail model, with Shaw leading the charge.

The agency employs 54 travel specialists, many of whom have spent their entire careers with Baldwins, offering expertise in niche travel areas such as cruises, safaris, and winter sports, and covering destinations like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South America, and the Caribbean.

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