Rockpool Investments Boosts Harley Academy with £8 Million Funding

Harley Academy, the foremost institution for higher education in aesthetic medicine in the UK, has achieved a landmark in its evolution. The company, specialising in medical aesthetics training, has garnered a significant £8 million investment from Rockpool Investments, a distinguished Private Equity firm based in London, known for its strategic contributions to rapidly growing businesses.

This pivotal investment marks a transformative phase for Harley Academy, enabling the organisation to hasten its expansion, enrich its educational portfolio, and further establish its dominance in the field of aesthetic medicine education.

The infusion of funds from Rockpool will be judiciously used to:

  • Accelerate Growth: The investment will fuel Harley Academy’s ambitions to broaden its influence and connect with a worldwide cohort of healthcare aspirants in medical aesthetics.
  • Innovative Education: Funds are earmarked for the refinement and advancement of Harley Academy’s syllabus, ensuring learners access top-tier, evidence-backed medical instruction.
  • Technology Integration: Plans are in place to channel investment into technological enhancements, aiming to deliver a leading-edge educational experience through the development of cutting-edge digital tools.
  • Talent Development: Investment will also bolster efforts to recruit premier educators and specialists, guaranteeing students receive unparalleled instruction in aesthetics and mentorship.

Dr. Tristan Mehta, Founder and CEO of Harley Academy, expressed enthusiasm about the investment: “I am excited to announce this £8 million investment from Rockpool Investments, a testament to the hard work from our team over the years. This partnership will enable us to accelerate our mission of providing exceptional education and training, ultimately driving up standards and patient safety.”

Ben Hutchinson, Investment Director at Rockpool Investments, highlighted the potential of the collaboration: “We are excited to partner with Harley Academy as it continues to set new standards in aesthetic medicine education. This investment reflects our confidence in Harley Academy’s vision, leadership, and commitment to excellence.”

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