Startling Footage Captures 50 Tiger Sharks Engaged in Frenzied Feeding on Humpback Whale

Disturbing footage has emerged depicting a harrowing scene of 50 tiger sharks tearing apart the carcass of a humpback whale during a frenzied feeding event.

The lifeless whale was discovered off the coast of Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia, after a drone captured the shocking sight.

Officials from the local Department of Environment and Science rushed to the scene, documenting the feeding frenzy as the sharks voraciously devoured the whale.

The video footage showcases a swarm of sharks encircling the whale carcass, engaged in a feeding frenzy.

Authorities have now issued a warning to the public, urging them to stay away from marine animal remains due to the potential dangers involved.

Daniel Clifton, Senior Ranger, stated, “Whenever there are deceased whales, it is highly likely that sharks are in close proximity, as this footage clearly demonstrates. While the death of a whale is undoubtedly tragic, it becomes a vital source of sustenance for numerous scavenging animals, including fish, sharks, and other marine life.”

Clifton further emphasized the need for people to maintain a safe distance from beached whales, as marine animals can carry zoonotic diseases, posing risks to human health. He advised against any physical contact with such animals.

To facilitate natural processes, the remains of the humpback whale have been anchored securely in place.

This incident marks the fifth occurrence of a whale death in the waters of Wide Bay over the past week.

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