Woman’s Life Hangs in the Balance Following Complications from Butt Augmentation Surgery

A woman is currently in critical condition, fighting for her life after experiencing complications from a buttock augmentation surgery.

Betânia Lima Guarda underwent the cosmetic procedure on 23 June at an undisclosed beauty clinic in Goiânia, located southwest of Brasilia, Brazil. The 29-year-old had gone to the clinic alone to undergo the surgery, which was part of a beauty package that included work on her face and buttocks.

According to Cláudio Fernandes, her ex-husband, the facial portion of the procedure went smoothly. However, problems arose when the process began on her buttocks, and Betânia started feeling unwell.

Upon noticing her deteriorating condition, the clinic staff contacted one of Betânia’s friends and arranged for her to be transferred to a nearby hospital. Fernandes revealed that she was admitted to the hospital with a pulmonary embolism followed by a pulmonary hemorrhage, and her condition was deemed critical.

Although Betânia was taken off life-support on 26 June and is currently breathing without assistance, her condition remains serious. She continues to receive intensive care treatment due to complications affecting her lungs, kidneys, and muscles.

An official statement from Emília Podestà, a Public Security official, mentioned that the licensed beautician who performed the procedure used “hyaluronic acid with a bio stimulator” on the patient. However, it is too early to determine whether the clinic owner bears responsibility for the complications. The investigation is focusing on whether the patient had undisclosed allergies or took undisclosed medication prior to the surgery. Authorities are also examining whether the products used during the procedure are registered with the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency and whether they were tampered with.

As the police investigation continues, the victim’s friend, ex-husband, and the beautician involved in the surgery have provided statements to assist in understanding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Betânia’s family remains hopeful for her recovery but understands the severity of the situation. Further updates on her condition and the investigation are awaited.

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