Jack Russell, King Charles’ favourite breed, gains popularity in the UK ahead of Coronation

Brits are showing a keen interest in owning Jack Russell Terriers, following news that King Charles is a fan of the breed. The breed has seen a 40% rise in births this year alone. The Queen and Prince Charles have two Jack Russells named Bluebell and Beth, which they adopted from Battersea Dogs Home in 2017. Following the trend of purchasing Corgis after the late Queen’s death, there is now an increase in the purchase of the same breed of terrier as the new head of state.

New research from The Kennel Club has revealed the massive spike in the breed’s popularity. However, The Kennel Club has urged would-be owners to spend time researching which dog best suits their lifestyle and making sure they can take care of their various needs, such as grooming and exercise, rather than simply choosing a popular breed based on a trend.

A spokesperson for The Kennel Club said that the Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog with a big personality, known for their lively and happy character. They have a lot of energy and require active exercise every day, as well as plenty of mentally stimulating games to enjoy. They are popular family pets and make cheerful companions for anyone who can give them enough exercise and attention.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small-sized breed of terrier that was developed in England in the 19th century by a clergyman named John Russell. They were originally created to hunt foxes, which were a major problem for farmers and landowners at the time. The breed had to be small enough to enter the dens, have the speed and stamina to cover long distances, and be brave enough to come face-to-face with foxes. They were bred to be fearless and agile hunters, with the ability to flush out foxes from their dens and chase them down.

The breed has gone on to star in a string of Hollywood films such as The Artist, Water For Elephants, and Charlie Chaplin’s A Dog’s Life. The Kennel Club spokesman said that breeds certainly wax and wane in popularity and that there are a number of factors that can play a part, such as popular culture and high-profile ownership.

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