Policewoman speaks out against sexist comments about her appearance

An unnamed officer from Spain’s National Police has been bombarded with sexist comments about her looks after she fronted a force video about car scams on Instagram and TikTok. In the short video, the attractive cop gave advice to residents on five things they should be wary of when buying a second-hand car. However, the video was flooded with numerous inappropriate comments, with some users even asking to be arrested by her. The police post went viral on TikTok with 1.9 million views and 37,000 Instagram likes, and after two days of numerous comments about the officer’s appearance, she took to the National Police’s TikTok account to address the matter.

In the follow-up video, the uniformed cop advised social media users not to put up with sexist comments and harassment, urging them to report it to the platform and file a complaint if it constitutes a crime. The video has received 282,000 views and 1,000 comments in two days. Many commenters praised the officer for her professionalism and communication skills and showed their support for her. Some users described the comments as unacceptable and said that such behavior could not be supported. Meanwhile, others apologized to the officer for the inappropriate comments and expressed their appreciation for her service.

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