Touring Welfare Bus Brings Health Checkups Direct to Construction Workers

McLaughlin & Harvey, a construction firm, has teamed up with Roadshow Promotions to introduce a touring welfare bus that offers essential health checkups to their employees on-site. This innovative initiative ensures that their workforce can conveniently undergo crucial health assessments at their workplace, enabling the early detection of potential health issues.

As part of their “You Matter” campaign, McLaughlin & Harvey collaborated with Roadshow Promotions, the UK’s leading provider of promotional buses. This initiative encourages employees to prioritise their health and well-being by offering on-site health checks and guidance through a medically-equipped double-decker bus staffed by healthcare professionals.

During the two-week tour, the health bus traveled to the company’s major construction sites across the UK, starting in Bristol and including locations such as Farnborough Airport, BMW Oxford, BAE in Govan, and the Eden Campus in London. Hundreds of employees received health assessments during this period.

Each visitor to the bus underwent health checks conducted by nurse practitioners, covering a range of vital metrics, including height, weight, and BMI measurements. They also received detailed information on blood pressure, blood sugar levels, body fat percentage, and metabolic rate. Additionally, they had the opportunity to discuss cholesterol and diabetes with the healthcare practitioners and could opt for a quick 10-minute back massage from the on-board masseuse.

Alastair Lambe, Group SHEQ Director, commented on the tour, stating, “This health examination serves as an MOT for our staff, helping to identify and address potential health concerns like diabetes, cholesterol and other issues. It is normal during a welfare tour like this for a handful of colleagues to be flagged up for further testing or specialist consultations, if necessary. This proactive approach ensures that any potential health issues are promptly identified, allowing for early intervention and appropriate treatment, thus safeguarding the well-being of our colleagues.”

Celebrating its 170th year in business in 2023, McLaughlin & Harvey, a well-established civil engineering construction company, is involved in numerous high-profile projects across the UK. The company’s investment in a touring health bus demonstrates its commitment to prioritising its employees’ well-being and making health checks as accessible as possible. The “You Matter” initiative has received positive feedback from the company’s workforce, especially those working away from home.

Natasha Greenley, Director of Roadshow Promotions, commended McLaughlin & Harvey’s dedication to employee health and welfare, stating, “McLaughlin & Harvey’s commitment to the health and welfare of their employees is evident in their decision to invest in this initiative,” said Natasha Greenley, Director of Roadshow Promotions. By bringing the health checks directly to their workers, they are eliminating potential barriers to accessing healthcare services and promoting a culture of well-being among its workforce.”

The touring welfare bus represents an innovative and proactive strategy to prioritise the health and well-being of employees, setting a commendable example within the construction industry.

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