Montreaux Homes Teams Up with Leading UK Furniture Retailer for Exclusive Furniture Collections

Montreaux Homes, part of the Montreaux Group’s prestigious home counties division, has partnered with IKEA to offer three bespoke style collections to their customers, providing a classic base for new homeowners to infuse their unique flair.

Prospective home buyers now have the option to select from three specially designed sets, a collaboration between Montreaux’s interior design team and IKEA’s designers. These tailor-made packages allow for personalisation, with guidance on integrating existing beloved furniture pieces. Available in three sizes for 1-bed, 2-bed, and 3-bed homes, these design packs range from £6,000 to £12,000 and include furniture, linens, window treatments, home accessories, and kitchenware.

Both Montreaux Homes and IKEA have consistently delivered exceptional design and value to customers. Their combined focus on timeless aesthetics and current trends makes this collaboration a natural choice for assisting buyers in transitioning seamlessly into their new homes.

James Rowntree, Managing Director of Montreaux Homes, shares: “We never stop thinking of ways to give homeowners something better. This permeates everything we build into each home, as well as the services and offers we make available to our customers. Our collaboration with IKEA will give buyers an opportunity to not only buy a new home but also bring their own personal style and make it their own without delay.”

Design Selections

The design sets provide three distinct styles for buyers to personalise their homes: METRO, with its urban charm blended with mid-century modern and industrial elements; GLOBAL, offering an eclectic, boho feel for those inspired by international travels; and CLASSIC-CORE, presenting a contemporary yet timeless base for personalisation with art and style.

Practical Implementation

Buyers will receive Pack Guides to explore showrooms and view the items included. Montreaux buyers will have a chance for a one-hour remote session with an IKEA interior design expert, tailored to customise their new home. IKEA will handle the delivery and assembly of furniture, simplifying the moving process.

The show apartment at Montreaux’s Urban Picturehouse in Sidcup has been adorned to demonstrate the sophisticated touch IKEA furniture can add. For more information, visit The Sidcup homes start at £299,000 for an Atelier Apartment, with more details at

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