Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy’s Thailand Getaway Thwarted by Unexpected Monsoon Season

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy’s dream of a romantic Thailand getaway quickly turned into a disappointment when they discovered they had arrived during the monsoon season.

The former footballer and his TV presenter wife had hoped for a relaxing tropical beach holiday away from their children. Still, they were unaware of the November weather in Ko Samui.

Within 48 hours of arrival, they decided to leave their luxury hotel due to incessant rain that left beaches, tourist sites, and restaurants inaccessible.

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Feeling embarrassed after a hotel worker questioned their decision to visit during the off-season, Peter spent much of the initial 28 hours sleeping and searching for an alternative destination in Asia. However, finding similar weather conditions elsewhere, the couple eventually opted to fly to Dubai.

Abbey, 37, recounted their harrowing experience, starting with a frightening small plane journey from Bangkok to Ko Samui. She explained that the monsoon’s severity led to a primarily indoor stay with closed attractions and dismal beach conditions.

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Crouch, 42, admitted on the Therapy Crouch podcast that he had naively expected the tropical rain to be brief. A hotel employee’s pointed question about their timing only added to his chagrin. They spent most of their short stay sleeping, with the continuous downpour thwarting their plans.

Resigned to the situation, they eventually chose Dubai for the remainder of their week, seeking some semblance of the winter sun they had initially hoped for in Thailand.

The couple’s experience reminds travellers about the importance of researching weather conditions and seasonal variations when planning a trip.

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