Good and Bad PR: The Delightful Toast Debacle, The Beckhams’ Netflix Nostalgia, Home Bargains’ Shoplifting Snitches, and Taylor Swift’s Sing-Along Spectacle

As the UK weather chills, the media world heats up with brands vying for prime Black Friday spots. Let’s dive into a week of Good and Bad PR, sprinkled with a touch of humour.

Good PR:


Kudos to Flora for buttering up the media with a personality analysis based on toast-spreading habits. While the analysis might have missed the mark for some, it’s a brilliantly quirky story. And yes, there are folks who butter both sides of their toast – not a euphemism, just toast enthusiasts deserving of a watchlist!

The Beckhams:

Nostalgia marketing rules, and the Beckhams nailed it with their Netflix documentary. It’s a heartwarming tale filled with affection and even the pig scandal. In a world of chaos, their story reminds us of simpler times when football teams disappointed and boy bands prioritized style over singing, but we adored them all the same.

Home Bargains:

Is it good or bad? Home Bargains introduces a snitching hotline offering up to £500 for ratting out wrongdoers. A real PR-able move, it might curb shoplifting and lower prices. But the moral dilemma lingers – could you snitch for £500? Of course not, unless you’re a bunch of grasses.

Taylor Swift:

Her world tour gracing cinemas might raise eyebrows about her private jet’s impact on the ozone layer, but commercially, she gives back. Vue and Cineworld announced sing-along screenings, a brilliant move to uplift the cinema economy. A round of applause for Taylor Swift and her PR team!

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