Launch of Blackstone BBQ Griddle in the UK through Partnership with JDM Products

Blackstone, the leading American griddle brand commanding over 80% of the market, is delighted to announce its debut in the UK market via an exclusive partnership with JDM Products, a specialist value-added Distributor based in Daventry. This introduction of the Blackstone BBQ Griddle to the UK paves the way for significant opportunities for retailers and specialists in outdoor cooking to discover the ultimate in cooking versatility.

At the core of Blackstone’s philosophy is their motto: “Cook anything, anywhere, anytime.” Designed to offer unparalleled culinary freedom, Blackstone griddles enable users to create a diverse array of meals in the great outdoors, making them perfect for BBQ enthusiasts, campers, and lovers of outdoor cooking.

Steven May, the UK Country Manager at JDM, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to bring Blackstone to the UK market and offer every retailer the chance to tap into the immense popularity of the brand in the specialist sector. BBQ super-fans have been importing Blackstone griddles from the USA for their exceptional cooking flexibility, and now, they can conveniently find them right here in the UK.”

May added, “We are actively seeking partners to join us on this exciting journey to provide a complete customer experience, showcasing the incredible versatility of Blackstone griddles. The goal is to help everyone enjoy the unparalleled cooking flexibility that Blackstone offers.”

In the US, Blackstone has already reached an impressive $650 million in annual sales, securing its position as a leader in the outdoor cooking sector with an 80% market share. With the launch in the UK, the brand aims to mirror its American success and become a beloved name among outdoor cooking fans by establishing partnerships that include demonstrations, education, and ongoing customer support.

Scott Stevenson, Senior VP of Marketing at Blackstone Products, expressed his enthusiasm, “We are excited to bring the unmatched versatility and variety of cooking on a Blackstone to the UK. The griddle has untethered outdoor cooking from the conventional BBQ as it allows people to cook everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner all on one surface. Make eggs, bacon, burgers, tacos, steak, and so much more on a Blackstone.”

Moreover, Blackstone is setting up a network of Blackstone BBQ cooking schools across the UK. These establishments will act as centres where newcomers can explore the vast range of dishes that can be cooked on a Blackstone griddle, broadening their culinary horizons.

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