Drivers Domain UK Tackles Surge in Demand for Driving Confidence Assistance

In response to a record-high influx of individuals seeking help to enhance their driving confidence, Drivers Domain UK, a leader in defensive and fleet driver training, has adapted its operational strategies.

Following an 18-month halt in services due to the pandemic, the resumption of driver training saw Drivers Domain UK inundated with requests from people seeking assistance to regain confidence behind the wheel.

To address this increased demand, Drivers Domain UK has revamped its online booking platform, facilitating a more personalised approach for drivers to construct a driving confidence course tailored to their individual needs.

February saw Drivers Domain UK reach the significant achievement of training its 10,000th client since the cessation of COVID lockdown protocols.

Rob Morgan, Head of Driver Training at Drivers Domain UK, shared his insights: “During lockdowns, people were simply not driving, or driving a lot less. Combined with the looming anxiety, many felt it was a perfect storm for anxiety-related issues to manifest.

“Quickly after restrictions eased, we saw a record number of people coming to us needing help with their driving confidence. Our clients ranged from those who simply needed a refresher after a long break to others who said their fear of driving, which was quite substantial before Covid, had become more severe after the stresses and strains of the pandemic had taken their toll.

“We’re one of only a few companies in the UK that offers this bespoke booking service, where drivers can pick what elements they want to cover on their course and to open up and describe the specific issues and anxieties they face. If you’re struggling with confidence when driving, our courses are there to help you.”

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