Larry Williams: Bridging the Technological Divide in Georgia

Allow us to introduce Larry Williams, the esteemed President and CEO of The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), a prestigious tech association boasting an impressive membership of over 30,000 across North America.

Larry’s pivotal role revolves around fortifying Georgia’s innovation ecosystem, a state renowned for its thriving technology industries. He invests unwavering dedication in promoting STEAM education and providing support for the growth of tech professionals through TAG-Ed.

With a profound understanding of the burgeoning domain of artificial intelligence, Larry offers incredible insights that transcend the boundaries of innovation. He is a driving force behind the development of technology ecosystems, acting as a bridge between pioneering companies, their customers, partners, products, technologies, and markets. His vast knowledge extends to nurturing and empowering the technology workforce of the future.

Drawing from his experiences as the Founder and President of the National Technology Security Coalition, Larry brings invaluable expertise in improving national cybersecurity. The non-profit, non-partisan trade association he leads serves as the voice of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), advocating for a safer digital landscape.

Larry Williams is at the forefront of bridging the tech divide in Georgia, pioneering advancements and fostering a thriving tech community. For those seeking enlightenment in technology, education, and cybersecurity, Larry’s expertise is unparalleled, and reaching out to him is an opportunity not to be missed.

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