Innovative Accountancy Firm Launches to Support Small Businesses

A visionary accountancy firm has introduced a groundbreaking tool to assist business owners with their pressing tax inquiries., conceived by James Clayton, an accountant from Dead Simple Accounting based in Reading, harnesses the power of the latest AI technology.

James wanted to create a resource that could tap into the wealth of information available on the HMRC website but would also be user-friendly and ensure that business owners receive accurate answers to their questions without any distractions.

According to James, “Tax Genie won’t grant you wishes and pay your taxes, but it will undoubtedly help many small businesses address crucial tax issues. Business owners shouldn’t have to pay an accountant just to figure out how to register for VAT or what expenses they can include. They should have access to basic accounting and tax answers without incurring unnecessary costs.”

While there are numerous accountancy blogs available online, the challenge lies in determining the reliability and timeliness of the information they provide. It often leads to wasting time, hopping from one ‘expert’ to another, with no concrete answers in sight.

Recognising the wealth of valuable information on HMRC’s website, James and his team developed to streamline navigation and simplify the search process. The AI technology solely utilises official information from HMRC and disregards non-official sources like blogs, ensuring users receive accurate and up-to-date information. The tool is programmed to retrieve relevant data from the last tax year and the current one, guaranteeing utmost accuracy.

The idea for was conceived in 2017 when James acquired the domain name. Over the past few weeks, his passion project has materialised into a practical business tool, ready to serve the needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners. functions as a comprehensive tax resource, capable of addressing any tax-related question, from VAT queries to employer taxes, National Insurance, and more.

In the rare event that cannot answer a specific question, it will direct users to the most pertinent and helpful HMRC webpage or provide them with an option to consult the Dead Simple Accounting team.

With the introduction of, Dead Simple Accounting aims to empower small business owners, providing them with reliable, timely, and cost-effective solutions to navigate the complex world of taxation.

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