Donr’s GiveCircle: A New Horizon for Charity Lotteries

Donr, a leading tech-for-good enterprise, has proudly introduced GiveCircle, a dedicated platform that promises to revolutionise charity lotteries. This innovative platform is designed to assist charities in enhancing their lottery revenues, a critical move to mitigate the impact of declining donations and increasing operational expenses.

The journey began with the launch of the first mobile-based lottery in May 2022, a collaboration with Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter, which quickly captured the hearts of supporters, particularly through social media engagement. Since this successful launch, Mobile Lotteries have been established in partnership with charities such as Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home, Hope Rescue, and Birmingham Dogs Home, drawing in over 10,000 supporters weekly who play in support of their chosen charities.

The advent of Mobile Lotteries has provided charities with a much-needed stable income source, especially crucial as they tackle the dual challenges of the cost-of-living crisis and diminishing donations.

Chris Bray, CEO of Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter, stated: “Just like many charities in the current climate, our running costs are rising significantly. However, through our Mobile Lotteries, we can build a reliable source of regular income, which will help us to continue to provide care to animals throughout the cost-of-living crisis.”

With the launch of GiveCircle, charities are poised to expand their reach, enhance their lottery campaigns, and generate additional funds to support their invaluable work.

Chris Newell, founder and CEO of GiveCircle, expressed his enthusiasm: “We have already seen the positive impact that Mobile Lotteries can have on charities. By launching GiveCircle, we will be able to work with our existing partners to grow their lotteries further and also welcome new charity partners.”

GiveCircle is set to offer comprehensive support to its partner charities in executing social media campaigns, the primary avenue through which over 90% of Mobile Lottery supporters are acquired. This approach enables charities, irrespective of their size, to engage with new audiences and convert them into supporters.

Marion Yates, General Manager of Animal Rescue Cumbria, shared her experience: “Working with GiveCircle has been a really positive experience, raising our profile and helping us reach many new supporters who now play our lottery. With so many cats and dogs needing our help, the growing number of lottery players makes a huge difference to a small charity such as ours.”

Looking forward, GiveCircle aims to collaborate with an ever-increasing number of charities for Mobile Lotteries. Presently, although more than 6,500 charities leverage Donr’s platform for Text Giving campaigns, a limited number have had the opportunity to explore the benefits of Mobile Lotteries.

Chris Newell further explained: “GiveCircle acts as the lottery manager, which means we have to do a lot of administrative and regulatory work, as well as helping charities with the marketing of their Mobile Lottery. As a result, we had to make the difficult decision to restrict the number of charities we worked with. Launching the platform will enable us to grow our team and, in time, work with more and more charities.”

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