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Glastonbury Festivalgoers Can Now Arrive Like “Celebs” With a New Concept Called “heli-pooling”

Glastonbury Goers Embrace Heli-Pooling for Elevated Festival Travel Experience”

In anticipation of Glastonbury Festival 2023, music enthusiasts are gearing up for a remarkable travel experience by opting for helicopter transfers to and from the event. With memories of last year’s car and rail chaos still fresh, attendees are seeking a stylish solution to avoid the arduous double-digit hour coach journeys, congested trains, and endless queues that accompany the influx of 200,000 people to a destination typically inhabited by only 10,000.

Recognizing the demand for hassle-free travel, Get Heli has introduced an innovative concept called “heli-pooling,” where clients group together to make helicopter transfers more affordable. While the price tag may not cater to everyone, the substantial reduction in cost, combined with the time saved, has made it an appealing option. Laurent Vallet from Get Heli explains, “Our clients not only appreciate the prestige of traveling by air but also see the value in avoiding the inevitable delays when leaving the festival on Monday.”

Glastonbury Festival’s Travel Guide highlights that Monday, particularly between 8 am and 5 pm, witnesses the most challenging departure times, with car park queues lasting up to nine hours. By factoring in the time saved during the journey and the elimination of early arrival and departure delays, helicopter travel from and to London can potentially save up to 28 hours compared to car travel, as emphasized by Vallet.

Moreover, Get Heli’s initiative aligns with a planet-conscious approach. By adopting a heli-pooling system that prioritizes filling helicopters to capacity, the company replicates the sharing model commonly seen in other sectors, such as road travel. Thus, festival-goers not only enjoy the convenience and time efficiency of air travel but also contribute to a more environmentally friendly transportation alternative.

As the countdown to Glastonbury Festival 2023 continues, the allure of heli-pooling grows stronger. While some individuals view the journey itself as an integral part of the experience, many revelers, after five days of non-stop celebration, are increasingly considering travel as an aspect to avoid. With helicopter transfers offering a combination of affordability, time savings, and ecological responsibility, Glastonbury goers are set to uplift their travel plans and arrive at the festival in unparalleled style.

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