British Arborist Achieves Landmark Victory in World Tree Climbing Championship

Jo Hedger has triumphed in an unprecedented sixth victory at the World Tree Climbing Championship, further solidifying her position within the annals of climbing history. Her recent win in Albuquerque, USA, not only marks her sixth world championship triumph but also distinguishes her as the inaugural woman to clinch six world titles and secure three consecutive wins in 2019, 2022, and 2023.

Elevating the prestige of the UK and Ireland, Jo Hedger represented her region at the 2023 International Tree Climbing Championships on the 13th of August. Her exceptional prowess led her to seize the top spot in the Masters’ Challenge, prevailing over formidable contenders from both the American and Australian climbing communities.

Jo’s accomplishments are even more remarkable due to her enduring legacy in the sport and her fervent commitment to disseminating her expertise and techniques. Already a highly regarded ambassador for the global tree care fraternity, she has not only earned accolades but also fostered a culture of shared knowledge and innovation.

Having clinched her inaugural world title in St. Louis back in 2008, Jo Hedger has consistently devoted her time to arranging climbing events and assisting arborists in exchanging techniques and innovations. Alongside these endeavors, she operates Arbor Venture Tree Care, an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor.

Reflecting on her journey, Jo expressed, “Participating in these events has been an immensely enriching experience for me. Much of the equipment and methodologies that are now standard have originated from the ingenuity displayed by tree climbers in these competitions.”

Despite her remarkable success, Jo remains driven by a pursuit of learning rather than the accumulation of accolades. She underscored, “These events provide an incredible platform for mutual learning and technique sharing. Embracing one’s mistakes is a pivotal aspect of learning, thus victory isn’t the ultimate objective; attending and sharing knowledge itself is a triumph.”

In addition to Jo Hedger, the UK and Ireland’s Arboricultural Association’s climbing team included Michael Curwen and Sarah Ann Quinlan.

The Arboricultural Association’s CEO, John Parker, commended the collective efforts of the climbing team in New Mexico, offering special commendation to Jo Hedger for her extraordinary feat of securing a sixth world title. Parker expressed hope that Jo’s accomplishments would stimulate heightened interest in the sport of tree climbing and in the domain of arboriculture.

The UK and Ireland Tree Climbing Competition is scheduled to grace Warwick University on the 9th and 10th of September, forming an integral part of the Arboricultural Association’s Annual Conference. Within this event, Jo Hedger is poised to compete against 50 other accomplished arborists in her quest to solidify her 13th consecutive UK Championship.

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