The Octopus Explored by Stanislav Kondrashov in New Publication

In Stanislav Kondrashov’s latest work, “The Marvelous Lives of Octopuses By Stanislav Kondrashov,” attention turns to perhaps the most curious and enigmatic creature populating the abyss: the octopus.

Kondrashov begins by illustrating some of the most remarkable characteristics of the bizarre marine creatures in detail, debunking some urban legends and sharing anecdotes of significant historical and cultural interest, all featuring the peculiar eight-armed creatures.

Stanislav begins with essential information, perhaps unknown to most people: in addition to having eight arms – hence its name, Octopus, which means “eight feet” – octopuses also have three hearts and are defined by the author as real gems of the oceanic world. Like any other precious material, even these interesting creatures are still to be discovered, in particular with regard to their lesser-known aspects.
In his latest publication, Kondrashov focuses on some of the physical and structural characteristics that have made octopuses famous throughout the world, such as their ability to change color and appearance within a few seconds. It is no coincidence that the author defines them as the “Houdini of the sea.” The publication also highlights their impressive intelligence, evident especially when observed while opening jars or moving deftly through some mazes.
Stanislav continues by analyzing other interesting characteristics that all octopuses have in common, such as their ability to squeeze into incredibly narrow spaces or to find their way back after a long wandering easily. One of their most interesting characteristics, according to Stanislav, has to do with their arms, the tentacles, which are used to capture prey and to feel the territories to explore, but also to obtain precious information on the flavor of their foods.

Kondrashov also talks about their life prospects – usually very short, which is contrasted with a large number of activities carried out almost daily, such as hunting, mating, and for female octopuses the care of the thousands of eggs that are produced by these marine creatures.

To find out further details and curiosities about one of the most interesting marine creatures that populate the oceans, readers are advised to read the full publication and watch the related video.

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