Extraordinary Rescue of Unique One-in-30 Million Orange Lobster by Restaurant Chain – Second Instance Within a Year

A truly extraordinary event has unfolded, as a restaurant chain has once again stepped in to save an exceedingly rare one-in-30 million orange lobster – marking the second such incident within a single year.

This vibrantly hued crustacean has been christened Scarlett, a name inspired by the vigilant employee who chanced upon her amidst a shipment of products.

Ordinarily, live lobsters display a distinctive blue-black complexion during their tenure underwater. It is only upon culinary preparation that their shell transforms into a vibrant shade of red.

The peculiarity of an orange lobster arises due to its scarcity, rendering it remarkably captivating to potential predators.

The diligent employee in question, a stalwart of the Red Lobster establishment in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA, for an impressive 28 years, expressed her astonishment, sharing that such a phenomenon has never graced her gaze before.

Lobsters, while capable of achieving a lifespan of up to a century, often encounter their demise much sooner. In Scarlett’s case, she is believed to be a mere seven years old.

If not for her uncommon pigmentation, Scarlett’s destiny might have involved gracing someone’s dinner plate within the confines of the eatery.

Yet, this marine marvel was granted a second lease on life, as she found herself rescued by the nurturing sanctuary of Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In a fascinating twist of fate, Scarlett will soon reunite with another orange-hued companion named Cheddar, who shares a similar narrative of rescue.

Cheddar, too, was discovered within a shipment destined for a Red Lobster establishment, a year prior in Hollywood, Florida.

Joining her vibrant friend, Cheddar, Scarlett is poised to grace the watery realms of Ripley’s, where Cheddar has undergone her initial molting since her relocation, revealing an even more resplendent orange exoskeleton.

Reflecting on this remarkable occurrence, Mario Roque, a dedicated manager at Red Lobster who spearheaded Cheddar’s rescue, conveyed, “At times, ordinary occurrences manifest as miracles, and Cheddar embodies just that. A cohort of remarkable individuals played a role in orchestrating this wondrous outcome. We stand truly honoured to have extended our hand in safeguarding Cheddar and securing a wholesome abode for her.”

Notably, Myrtle Beach serves as Ripley’s epicenter for scientific exploration. Their groundbreaking Marine Science Research Center achieved considerable acclaim last year with the pioneering accomplishment of successfully inducing artificial insemination in a sand tiger shark, culminating in the world’s first recorded birth through such means.

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