Revolutionary Style Application, Squished, Empowers Consumers to Discover Optimal Bargains and Prices

Squished, the avant-garde fashion economy app that grants immediate access to a plethora of high street offerings, is revolutionising the process by which shoppers explore and acquire their cherished fashion articles. Founded in 2019 by a team of former e-commerce executives and recently reintroduced, Squished is fervently committed to aiding customers in locating the most advantageous prices for their fashion requisites.

Boasting an extensive collection of over 500,000 products from more than 60 eminent high street and online fashion vendors, Squished proffers one of the most substantial fashion assortments obtainable in the UK. With seamless ease, users can peruse through coveted brands, such as Boohoo, Zara, H&M, JD, and numerous others, all in a singularly convenient hub, relishing exceptional daily deals.

Among Squished’s salient attributes lies its unparalleled “squish” functionality. Patrons can designate their desired price range for a specific product, and Squished will promptly apprise them once the price descends to their preferred threshold. This groundbreaking feature empowers users to procure their beloved styles at an affordable cost, ensuring a gratifying shopping encounter.

Richard Blanchard, CEO of Squished, proclaims, “We stand as the advocate for shoppers and the confidante of fashion enthusiasts. Our objective is to endow and emancipate consumers, granting them control over their fashion acquisitions. We toil relentlessly to furnish each Squished user with access to the latest deals, thereby enabling them to shop at their desired pricing.”

Squished’s dedication to conserving shoppers’ funds distinguishes it from traditional retail entities. In stark contrast to retailers fixated on fleeting promotions, Squished unwaveringly commits to saving consumers money ceaselessly. The app touts a novel feature, incessantly tracing the finest deals on the high street every day, sparing you the effort.

Presently available for download on iOS and Google Play, Squished allows fashion enthusiasts to grasp the high street in their grasp, regardless of their location. Embrace the multitude of astute shoppers already savoring the advantages of Squished, and embark on a novel method to procure fashionable items.

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