First Time Mums UK Network: A Haven for New Mothers Seeking Community Support

First Time Mums UK celebrates reaching an impressive milestone of 75,000 members in just under three years, establishing itself as the most rapidly expanding network for first-time mothers in the UK. This achievement highlights the critical need for support networks specifically designed for first-time mothers.

Yana Abramova, a passionate mother herself, founded First Time Mums UK as a small group among friends. It has since evolved into a major support pillar for new and expectant mothers nationwide, now encompassing over 75,000 members across Facebook and Instagram.

Founder Yana Abramova explains, “At First Time Mums UK, we understand the challenges and joys of motherhood, especially for those embarking on the journey for the first time. Our community provides a safe space for new mothers to connect, share experiences, and seek guidance from peers who understand their unique journey.”

The network’s rapid growth signals the evident lack of available support for first-time mothers in the UK. With a focus on peer-to-peer support, First Time Mums UK invites new and expectant mothers to join its vibrant community to access vital resources and fellowship during the early motherhood stages.

Endorsed by companies like Mama BambooGraco UKPurer Mama, and The Baby O, First Time Mums UK is recognized for its vital support to new mothers. It also partners with the L&M Foundation to help pre-term babies, affirming its commitment to the broader community.

First Time Mums UK operates through a dynamic Facebook community for peer interaction, an Instagram page offering supportive content, and a blog with expert motherhood advice.

To learn more about First Time Mums UK and to become a member of the community, visit:

Official website
Facebook Community
Instagram: @firsttimemumsuk

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