New State-of-the-Art GinSen Acupuncture Clinic Opens in London

GinSen, renowned for its expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, has recently opened a new clinic on High Street, Kensington. This opulent two-storey facility is committed to enhancing the patient experience with its superior treatments in a refined setting.

Nestled in High Street Kensington, the new clinic offers a luxurious space for acupuncture and comprehensive care. The interior is adorned with elegantly designed treatment rooms, ensuring a serene and inviting atmosphere for all patients.

Commenting on the clinic’s expansion, Lily Li Hua, TCM Expert at GinSen, said: “We’re thrilled to move to an even bigger and fully renovated clinic, where we can continue offering our patients the exceptional treatments they deserve, with an upgraded experience for their consultations and treatments.”

Established in London in 2002, GinSen has consistently led the way in TCM and acupuncture. The launch of the new clinic underscores its commitment to providing first-class natural fertility treatments and herbal medicine in an ideal setting. The clinic’s design prioritises both ambiance and comfort, aligning with GinSen’s goal of creating a restorative and soothing space, which is widely believed to foster better health outcomes.

GinSen has honed its array of treatments and herbal supplements over the years, becoming a trusted entity in TCM. Specialising in acupuncture, the GinSen team treats a variety of conditions, with a special focus on fertility challenges such as fertility for individuals over 40, fallopian health, endometriosis, and PCOS.

GinSen’s treatments have gained acclaim from celebrities and sports personalities, with their success narratives featured on the website, testifying to the treatments’ efficacy.

Recognised by The Standard as one of the best London Acupuncture clinics for IVF, GinSen’s staff includes herbalists, acupuncturists, fertility experts, massage therapists, and other TCM professionals. They emphasise natural, drug-free treatments and the fusion of TCM with contemporary methods.

In addition to the Kensington clinic, GinSen operates a clinic in Chelsea and an online Chinese Herbal Medicine Shop. This online store provides vegan-compatible supplements, crafted with the finest natural components in the UK. Customers can benefit from complimentary consultations with Chinese herbalist doctors for personalised recommendations.

The clinic’s philosophy focuses on enhancing health in a natural, safe, and minimally invasive manner, serving as an adjunct to conventional Western fertility treatments.

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