Lambert & Co Join Forces with Outsyde Inc in Transformative Joint Venture

Lambert & Co and Outsyde Inc are excited to announce their strategic partnership, dedicated to advancing climate change initiatives on a global scale.

Outsyde Inc, a pioneering real estate technology company based in Virginia, USA and London, UK, has been at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to create digital assets that safeguard and restore unique locations around the world.

With a strong foundation in land conservation, Outsyde is uniquely positioned to develop relevant and valuable digital assets and technology within the market.

Lambert & Co, renowned for providing comprehensive business solutions to international enterprises, emphasise the importance of fostering local connections for global expansion, embracing sustainable practices for long-term growth.

The partnership between these two companies is driven by a shared objective – to amplify efforts in climate change initiatives.

Aaron Bumgarner, CEO and Founder of Outsyde Inc, expressed his enthusiasm: “After exploring opportunities in the UAE and the MENA region extensively, we swiftly identified Lambert & Co as the ideal partners to help us launch and flourish in the UAE. Our common mission revolves around propelling climate change initiatives forward. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Ismail in the UAE, MENA, and beyond.”

Ismail Tekin, Managing Partner of Lambert & Co, shared his perspective: “Having spent quality time with the Outsyde team in Dubai, it became clear that their groundbreaking technology and business model could bring significant benefits to the region and beyond. We are immensely proud and honored to embark on this partnership journey with Aaron and the entire Outsyde team.”

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