Woman’s Chance Encounter Leads to a Three-Day First Date Adventure

A woman shared her extraordinary dating experience, which spanned an entire weekend, after a serendipitous encounter on Bumble while travelling.

A preschool teacher and content creator, Eliz initially gave up dating apps in 2020 to focus on self-discovery and solo world travel. However, a twist of fate led her to re-download Bumble in Singapore three years later. The 28-year-old from the Philippines met a man with whom she instantly connected.

Their first date lasted an impressive 15 hours, leading the man to reschedule his return flight to extend their time together.

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Eliz described their immediate connection and recounted to http://Needtoknow.co.uk how they openly discussed life stories and past traumas within the first hour. She noted that the depth of their conversation mattered more than appearances or professions.

“Dating him while travelling showed me that it’s really about the connection between two people,” Eliz reflected. “It felt like time stopped for us during those five days.”

They even adopted Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted” as their song, feeling it mirrored their experience.

The man, referred to as ‘M’ for privacy, profoundly affected Eliz’s approach to dating. His decision to extend their time together made her feel special and raised her standards and confidence in dating.

Eliz shared that the experience opened her up to dating men with children, something she had previously avoided. Despite the casual nature of their encounter, she was moved to tears by her newfound openness to accepting someone’s past.

However, Eliz cautioned that travel dating isn’t for everyone, advising that it requires the ability to set boundaries due to the bittersweet nature of such fleeting connections.

On Instagram (@eliztravelsto), her story resonated with many. Comments ranged from encouragement to hopes of a future reconnection, with one user even suggesting it would make a great romantic comedy.

Eliz also offered safety tips for those considering travel dating, emphasizing the importance of meeting in public places, avoiding unattended drinks, getting to know the date beforehand, and informing someone of your whereabouts.


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