Panache Cruises Introduces Founders, a Trailblazing Loyalty Scheme

Panache Cruises, which made its debut in the United States in July 2023, proudly announces the launch of its innovative loyalty scheme, Founders, this week.

Aiming to set a new standard in the luxury and ultra-luxury cruise sector, Founders is designed to be the most enriching loyalty program available. American cruisers are set to benefit from a multitude of value-added perks.

Moving beyond the usual points system, the program from Panache Cruises boasts unique offerings like Founders Cruises. These are special cruises hosted by James Cole, the Founder of Panache Cruises, alongside a roster of celebrity Ambassadors.

Upon joining, Founders members receive the personalised attention of a dedicated ‘Cruise Connoisseur’. This service is a pillar of Panache Cruises’ acclaimed customer service, providing comprehensive concierge support from the outset.

Additional perks include exclusive VIP ship tours and invites to special events on land. Plus, luxury gifts and enhanced benefits are awarded as members progress through the program’s tiers.

Founders consists of four distinct levels, each offering increasing value as members ascend, enhancing the experience of booking future cruises.

A unique aspect of this program is the ability to earn points across a wide range of luxury and ultra-luxury cruises within Panache Cruises’ portfolio. This flexibility allows points to be accumulated with one cruise line and redeemed with another.

Furthermore, Panache Cruises’ initiative is designed to complement existing loyalty schemes of partner cruise lines. This means customers can simultaneously accrue points in two programs, amplifying the benefits received.

James Cole, founder and CEO of Panache Cruises, remarked: “Despite being rated 5.0 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot, with almost 1,000 reviews (the highest in our peer group), our Founders program aims to take our ‘nothing is too much trouble’ approach to customer service to the next level. As we develop our business in the US, we want to show our appreciation to our American customers. Founders will offer our US clients a portfolio of value-added benefits and outstanding value when booking luxury and ultra-luxury cruises. Our first time customers can currently obtain up to $2000 in savings and these savings will only grow as people move through the Founders tier structure. Points are awarded for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed against future bookings with Panache Cruises. Of key significance is that people can spend their points when booking with any of our partner cruise lines. Furthermore, our program is designed to complement the loyalty programs of our partner cruise lines. There is very much a case of double the benefit therefore. However, it is our schedule of Founders cruises which sets this loyalty program apart. Hosted by myself and our growing list of celebrity ambassadors, Founders members can access some truly exclusive itineraries with a range of immersive talks and excursions that are not available anywhere else.”

Concluding, Cole stated: “I believe that our unique customer service proposition will prove very popular. We have some great plans for Founders and we believe that it will become one of the most rewarding loyalty programs in the cruise sector.”

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