Mum and Baby Boutique Owner Offers Essential Travel Tips for New Parents

Packing for a trip with a baby can be a daunting task, and it’s essential to bring along the necessary travel items without overburdening yourself. Victoria Percy, owner of Bump Nursery Boutique in Davenham Village, Northwich, and a mother herself, understands the challenges parents face when traveling with their little ones. She has compiled a list of top travel essentials to help parents prepare for family holidays with ease.

  1. The Doona: Victoria recommends the Doona, a multi-use car seat and stroller combo that can save you time and space when traveling. It easily transforms from a car seat to a stroller, making it a convenient choice for parents. The Doona is also TUV and FAA aircraft approved for travel, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for your baby.
  2. Cybex Coya: For toddlers and older children, Victoria suggests the Cybex Coya travel pushchair. It’s compact, folds quickly, and is small enough to be hand luggage compatible. You can also purchase accessories like a sun parasol to keep your child comfortable during hot getaways.
  3. Suitable Sleeping Bag: When traveling to a warmer climate, remember that your child may need a thinner sleeping bag to stay cool and comfortable. Victoria advises selecting a lightweight sleeping bag with a lower tog rating to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for your little one. Brands like Neutrum Bear and Snuz Pouch offer suitable options.
  4. Dummy Clips: If your child uses dummies, a dummy clip is a must-have travel accessory. These clips prevent dummies from getting lost during your journey and save you money by avoiding the need to replace lost dummies. Victoria recommends Neutrum Bear dummy clips, available in her boutique.
  5. Luxury Knitted Blanket: A knitted blanket is a versatile and essential item for family holidays. It can keep your child warm on flights or chilly evenings during your trip. Knitted blankets are handy for various situations, making them a must-pack item for your travels.

Victoria emphasizes the importance of considering your child’s age and needs when selecting travel essentials. While the Doona is suitable for infants up to 13kg, the Cybex Coya is a better choice for older children. By packing these travel essentials, parents can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable vacation with their little ones.

Bump Nursery Boutique, co-owned by Victoria and her partner Matt, provides parents with a luxury shopping experience, specializing in prams and essential baby items. Whether you’re preparing for a family holiday or looking for quality baby products, their boutique offers a range of options to meet your needs.

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