Japan’s Triumph at the 2023 World Ski Awards: A Year After Reopening

This October commemorates the one-year anniversary of Japan’s decision to unlock its gates to independent tourists. The past 12 months have witnessed a remarkable transformation. What was once a beleaguered tourist industry, gasping for breath after years of border closures, has seen a renaissance in Japan’s ski domain, eagerly anticipating the upcoming season. Enthusiastic powder aficionados worldwide are fervently gearing up to conquer the slopes and revel in the bountiful powdery terrain once more. Nowhere is this resurgence better exemplified than in Japan’s triumphant performance at the 2023 World Ski Awards.

In tandem with the global enthusiasm of powder enthusiasts, the tourism sector has undergone an exhaustive reinvigoration process. This involves augmenting workforce capacity, elevating service standards, and unveiling luxury new accommodations, all aimed at ensuring that the forthcoming ski season attains the zenith of magnificence. The World Ski Awards unequivocally manifest Japan’s ascendancy in the realm of ski resorts and alpine lodgings, securing nominations in six of the eleven world categories. These distinguished contenders are as follows:

  • World’s Premier Novel Ski Hotel 2023: Setsu Niseko
  • World’s Premier Novel Ski Chalet 2023: Tsubasa Chalet at Hanaridge
  • World’s Premier Ski Resort Conglomerate 2023: Prince Snow Resorts
  • World’s Premier Heli-Ski Operator 2023: Hokkaido Backcountry Club
  • World’s Premier Ski Transit Operator 2023: SkyExpress
  • World’s Premier Ski Expedition Specialist 2023: Japan Ski Experience, Explore Niseko, Powderlife

For the dedicated team at Japan Ski Experience, this achievement stands as a resounding testament to their unwavering commitment to peerless customer service. Over the past 15 years, they have relentlessly strived to surpass expectations, making thousands of travelers’ journeys to Japan’s ski resorts truly exceptional. The Japan Ski Experience team wishes to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the kind and encouraging words of their patrons, which have served as a wellspring of motivation for their continued growth. If you are among the many thousands who have journeyed or inquired about a holiday with Japan Ski Experience and have a moment to show your support, you still have a couple more days to cast your vote. The voting concludes on Friday, October 13th, 2023.

With its internationally acclaimed powder snow, coupled with an indelible cultural immersion, skiing and snowboarding in Japan hold the promise of being the ultimate destination for both seasoned veterans and novices alike. As it makes substantial strides on its path to recovery, the Japanese ski industry will keenly await the announcement of the esteemed victors at the forthcoming World Ski Awards ceremony in just a few days’ time.

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