Immerse Yourself in Literature: Stay in a Bookshelf for Only £34 a Night – Complete with Floating Books

Attention book enthusiasts! You can now fulfill your literary dreams by sleeping in a bookshelf nestled within a vast library.

This unique hostel offers 55 bedrooms and an extensive collection of over 1,700 books spanning various genres.

Upon entering the expansive library, guests are given a tour of the cozy sitting area, café, bathrooms, and captivating bedrooms.

Amidst the towering bookshelves, cleverly designed sleeping nooks have been crafted.

Guests are invited to experience a night amongst the pages, sleeping in their own charming bookshelf.

Separated by shelves of literature, the beds ensure a comfortable distance between fellow avid readers.

Each room, accessible by ladder, is equipped with a soft, ambient light, a charging port, and a privacy curtain.

You can effortlessly pluck your preferred bedtime story from the ceiling and become engrossed in its narrative until you drift into a peaceful slumber.

This unique accommodation, named Book and Bed Tokyo, proudly labels itself an ‘accommodation bookshop,’ offering books in both English and Japanese.

A selection of fiction and non-fiction books is available, along with a bar where guests can relish a delightful breakfast in the morning or unwind with a drink in the evening.

Situated in Shinjuku, Tokyo, room rates start from just £34 per night.

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