Duo Saves £3,000 on Australian Adventure by Pet-Sitting

Molly Thompson, 24, and Tom Brown, 23, discovered a unique way to save £3,000 on their Australian journey by pet-sitting in strangers’ homes.

Their dream trip was made affordable as they didn’t spend a penny on accommodation, thanks to their unique arrangement.

The couple from Beverly, East Yorkshire, explored Melbourne, one of the world’s priciest cities, by staying in various homes and caring for the residents’ pets.

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This arrangement saved them money and provided them with unique lodging experiences.

Molly shared their enthusiasm for the venture, noting it allowed them to take a break from their everyday life back home.

The financial savings were significant, as they estimated saving nearly £3,000 over two months, which they can use for further travels.

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They each spent £1,100 on flights from London to Australia. Still, their living expenses were significantly reduced by their pet-sitting strategy.

Their adventures included caring for a charming ginger cat and looking after four dogs in a suburban home.

The couple used the Happy House Sitters app to find these opportunities.

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Molly revealed that the experience even transformed her from a dog person to a cat lover, emphasizing the deep connections they formed with the pets.

Despite the joy of travelling, they acknowledged the responsibility of caring for the animals, especially the commitment needed for the four dogs.

As their visa nears expiration, Molly and Tom will return to the UK before Christmas. Still, their travel aspirations remain high, with a road trip in New Zealand and a stop in Fiji on the horizon.


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