Discover the Splendour of Chiang Mai’s Heritage at the Newly Transformed InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping

Embark on a fascinating exploration of Chiang Mai’s cultural mosaic at the newly transformed InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping. Situated amidst Chiang Mai’s iconic vistas, this sumptuous sanctuary merges heritage, sustainability, and contemporary luxury, offering an unparalleled experience for travellers in pursuit of genuine encounters.

With 240 sophisticated rooms and suites available, guests have the choice of views overlooking the historic old town or the ethereal Doi Suthep mountain, each providing sweeping vistas that encapsulate Chiang Mai’s picturesque beauty. The interior design skilfully combines understated modernity with influences from Lanna tradition, achieving a balanced integration of current trends and time-honoured artisanship.

The hotel’s lavish accommodations welcome guests with an array of locally crafted artefacts. From intricately lacquered panels to masterfully carved wooden sculptures, each element celebrates the deep-rooted Lanna craft heritage, infusing the contemporary ambience with authentic touches. The expansive zen bathrooms, equipped with a plunge bathtub, offer a serene haven for guests to relax and rejuvenate after a day’s adventure.

InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping embraces sustainability as a core ethos. The hotel’s commitment to green practices is visible in its initiative to cultivate fresh produce in its organic garden and to foster relationships with local suppliers, such as bee and cacao farms. Through collaboration with the Royal Project foundation, the hotel plays a part in uplifting hill-tribe communities, championing a form of responsible tourism that enriches both guests and the local environment.

Guests in Premium Rooms and suites enjoy an enhanced stay with the exclusive Club InterContinental benefits. From bespoke breakfasts to evening cocktails, each detail is crafted to enrich the guest experience and forge unforgettable memories. Moreover, visitors can select from a range of specially designed discovery packages, each offering a distinctive way to immerse in Chiang Mai’s vibrant cultural legacy.

A standout feature of a stay at InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping is the hotel’s unique Sky Romance Hot-Air Balloon Adventure. This magical journey offers guests a novel vantage point to appreciate Chiang Mai’s beauty, drifting above the cityscape at dawn, ensuring memories that will be cherished forever.

InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping represents more than a hotel; it is a portal to the very heart of Chiang Mai, where opulence intertwines with tradition, and every instant presents a new discovery. Experience the enchantment of Chiang Mai in an unprecedented way at InterContinental Chiang Mai The Mae Ping.

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