Discover Murastay: Alghero’s Premier Short-Term Rental Destination

Murastay is proud to introduce itself to the short-term rental market, offering a distinctive experience deeply rooted in Alghero’s history and culture. Nestled in the charming historic centre of the city, all apartments showcase design styles and renovations typical of the region, providing guests with a true taste of Alghero.

Murastay’s Mission: Capturing the Heart of Alghero

With a mission to highlight the authenticity of Alghero’s history and nature, Murastay presents apartments that are living embodiments of the city’s rich past. Every stay is designed to reflect the unique design that characterises Alghero, fostering a profound connection with this enchanting city.

Immersive Stays in Alghero’s Historic Centre

Our apartments offer more than just accommodation; they provide a comprehensive experience that immerses guests in the culture and ambiance of Alghero’s historic centre. Murastay invites guests to experience the unspoiled beauty of Alghero’s coasts, far from the bustling lights of the Costa Smeralda.

Exclusive Offerings: Three Unique Apartments

Murastay offers three distinct apartments, each tailored to different preferences:

  • Suite Apartment IL TEATRO: A rare find in the historic centre of Alghero, this suite boasts a large and bright space highlighted by exposed carved stone. A unique experience that marries Alghero’s elegance with modern comfort.
  • Cavour Apartment: Positioned on the top floor, this loft offers a view of the sea from the bedroom, allowing guests to admire nature’s colours.
  • Principe Apartment: Located on the main street linking the two churches in the historic centre, this apartment features two separate bedrooms, ensuring maximum privacy for guests in a historical and charming setting.

Murastay is a journey into the authentic essence of Alghero, catering to travellers seeking experiences that connect them with the history, nature, and distinctive design of this captivating Sardinian city.

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