British Explorer Chris Brown Aims to Achieve Historic Milestone of Visiting All Eight Earth Poles of Inaccessibility

Renowned tech entrepreneur and British explorer Chris Brown, 61, is determined to become the first person to visit all eight of the Earth’s poles of inaccessibility (PIA), making history in the process. These eight points are the furthest from the sea or land in any direction, making them the most challenging places to reach on Earth.
Brown commenced his ambitious quest in 2019 and has successfully checked off five continental poles to date. Documenting his adventures on TikTok (@chrisbrownexplores), the intrepid explorer recently achieved a milestone by conquering the Southern PIA in Antarctica earlier this year, overcoming a previous failed attempt that resulted in a 28-day stranded ordeal.
Having already reached PIAs in North America, South America, and Australia, Brown now sets his sights on the remaining frontiers of Eurasia, the Arctic, and the Oceanic PIAs.
Reflecting on the unique challenges each PIA presents, Brown commented, “Each of these Poles of Inaccessibility pose their own risks.” He highlighted the man-made dangers encountered during his African expedition, navigating through threats such as bandits, corrupt police, warlords, The Russian Wagner Group, and even ISIS. Contrasting this with the harsh conditions of Antarctica, where extreme temperatures and challenging terrain tested his resilience, Brown emphasized the diverse nature of the challenges.
Passionate about inspiring younger generations to embrace exploration and take risks, Brown stated, “You definitely don’t have to be in Africa or Antarctica to go exploring, and you definitely don’t need to involve helicopters or soldiers to do it.”
Brown’s upcoming major expedition is set to take him to the Oceanic PIA in the Pacific Ocean, known as Point Nemo, where the nearest human settlement is the International Space Station, located 415km away. The expedition is scheduled for March, starting from a port on the West coast of Chile and concluding in French Polynesia.
Despite facing setbacks in attempts to reach the Northern PIA in the Arctic due to weather conditions and the Russia-Ukraine war, Brown remains undeterred. His remarkable journey includes accomplishments such as competing in open water challenges, swimming across the Bosphorus from Asia to Europe, and holding a World Record for race diving.
Notably, Brown withdrew from the Titan Submersible expedition, expressing safety concerns during its development stage. Tragically, his close friend and fellow polar-explorer, Hamish Harding, lost his life when the sub imploded on its mission to the Titanic wreck.
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