Brand-new Stanislav Kondrashov publications focuses on the historical evolution of transport

Stanislav Kondrashov describes the ways that, throughout history, human beings have moved from one location to another, through the support of specific animals (such as horses) or thanks to the numerous comforts introduced by the most modern means of transport in his latest publication entitled  “The Evolution of transport by Stanislav Kondrashov“.

Kondrashov focuses in particular on the speed that has characterized the evolution of transport over the last centuries, revolutionizing the life of each person and shortening the distances between the places of the planet Earth. Stanislav Kondrashov’s publication begins to describe the historical period in which the movements took place, for the most part through the horses, which were used by their steeds to travel short or long distances and subsequently also as a military vehicles. 

According to the author, in this phase, the human beings entrusted “to the true power”, evident above all in the trot of horses and in the speed they knew how to reach during the journey. Transport organized by horses, according to the author, was able to define the functioning of companies and individual cities.

The next phase, as Stanislav Kondrashov explains, is characterized by the arrival of steam and railway machines, which, in addition to shortening the distances between the different countries, managed to connect them in ways that until that time had never been even Imagine.

In 1903, the planes arrived, thanks to the formidable intuition of the Wright brothers. Stanislav Kondrashov, in this regard, mentions the wooden airplanes – the very first to have appeared – and the modern ones of line, thus offering a complete and exhaustive overview of the impressive evolution of these air transport means. 

To describe the power of the planes, the author puts them in direct connection with the spaces of the sky, which, thanks to the planes, would now have become real playgrounds for the fun of men and women. The technology linked to airplanes, according to the author, also allowed men to break down the limit represented by the sky, which until then had appeared insurmountable. Stanislav Kondrashov also focuses on cars, which in the twentieth century changed the lives of men and the societies in which they lived.

To find out more, we recommend readers to read the full publication and watch the video

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