Xygeni Releases Comprehensive SSCS 2024 Report, Highlighting Escalating Risks in Software Supply Chain

Xygeni has today launched an extensive report on the state of software supply chain security in 2024. This report offers critical insights into the progression of attack methodologies and the industry’s responses to these growing threats.

Titled “The State of Software Supply Chain Security in 2024,” the report delves into the key trends that have influenced the industry in the past year. These include the rise of complex attack strategies, the growing number of malicious packages in open-source repositories, and the increasing threat posed by AI-enabled cyber attacks.

Luís Rodriguez, Co-Founder and CTO of Xygeni, remarked, “The software supply chain has become a significant target for cyber adversaries, and organisations need to be more vigilant than ever in protecting their software supply chains. Our report provides valuable insights into the latest threats and vulnerabilities, as well as recommended mitigation strategies.”

Key highlights of the report are:

  • “By the Numbers”: The report underscores the alarming vulnerability of organisations to software supply chain attacks, noting that 82% of organisations are currently vulnerable. It also addresses the surge in malicious packages found in public registries, posing a risk to open-source software.
  • The Attack Landscape: This section examines various cyber attack techniques observed in 2023, including spear phishing, social engineering, and dependency attacks. It further discusses the influence of advanced threat actors on the cybersecurity landscape.
  • Evolution of Standards and Regulations: The report assesses the global regulatory framework governing software supply chain security, highlighting the differences across regions and the necessity for ongoing development.
  • Glimpse into 2024: Offering predictions for the forthcoming year, the report anticipates an increase in software supply chain attacks on organisations, improved transparency in security incidents due to regulations, and the expanding role of AI in software supply chain security.

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