Tonic App’s Success Recognised by Google Play in Europe

Tonic App, the mobile-first platform dedicated to simplifying clinical practice for physicians, has been highlighted by Google Play as part of its #WeArePlay campaign. Out of nearly two million existing apps worldwide, Tonic App was among the 126 European applications selected by Google Play for their impactful stories driven by purpose.

The #WeArePlay campaign aims to showcase the mission and accomplishments of European applications available for download on the Google Play Store. Tonic App was one of five apps distinguished in the medical category, standing out as the only platform intended for healthcare professionals. Other apps recognised in the medical category include Sirma from Bulgaria and HappyBob from Finland in diabetes monitoring, as well as Selfapy from Germany and Rention from Romania in mental health.

The campaign has been disseminated through various Google Play channels, and a gathering between the 126 selected companies was held during Google’s Annual I/O Conference in Amsterdam on the 21st of June. Tonic App was represented at this event by its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), João Oliveira, and Lead Software Engineer, Éder Franco. The team had the opportunity to connect with other companies and explore the latest trends and technological innovations presented by Google.

Committed to its mission of aiding doctors to be more productive, Tonic App has continuously expanded its range of contents and tools. The platform, utilised by over 125,000 physicians, recently integrated an AI-powered virtual assistant to assist doctors in various tasks, such as knowledge retrieval, summarising clinical records, and preparing health information for patients.

Daniela Seixas, founder and executive director of Tonic App, expressed the team’s gratitude for this recognition: “The mobile market is so competitive that this recognition is very special to our team. We’ve been working hard over the past 7 years to make a product that can truly facilitate the day-to-day of physicians. Also, this recognition increases both the credibility and the visibility of Tonic App, which is great.”

The success of Tonic App has also earned them recognition as an essential partner to CMI Media Group for European HCP media campaigns. The platform serves as a valuable tool for healthcare professionals across Europe.

As a comprehensive platform that provides knowledge and tools to support clinical decision-making, educational content, video consultations, job openings, and other resources for professionals, Tonic App has become the fastest growing medical platform in Europe.

The complete list of the 126 stories selected in Europe by #WeArePlay can be found here.

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