SRFC Bio Unveils Groundbreaking Protecta Clean™ in the UK

SRFC Bio, Inc., a leader in biotechnological innovations, today announced the UK launch of its third-generation antimicrobial technology, Protecta Clean™. This revolutionary product not only cleans and disinfects surfaces from bacteria and viruses upon application but also maintains its antimicrobial efficacy, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria for up to 48 hours post-application, without any visible or sticky residue. Following its successful debut in the US in October 2022, this technology is now available for international distribution.

Designed to foster healthier environments in various settings, Protecta Clean™ is ideally suited for professional use in locations like sports venues, public transport systems, shopping centres, educational institutions, offices, healthcare facilities, and elderly care homes. It also serves the needs of private consumers.

Dr. Bob Godfroid, PhD, President and Chief Science Officer of SRFC Bio, Inc., shared, “We’re proud of our science team which built upon a long history of research to develop this leading-edge and science-backed infection control technology. This product is the next frontier.”

Nikhil Tejpal, Principal Dentist at Hamilton Smile Studios in Scotland, who had the opportunity to test the product, stated, “We are excited to see this highly innovative product launch in the UK ahead of any other European market. We anticipate using Protecta Clean™ in our clinics as an additional safety measure for the well-being of our patients and staff.”

Protecta Clean™ is now available for purchase in the UK.

For further details about SRFC Bio’s new antimicrobial surface cleaner and coating product in the UK, please visit their website at, or contact the UK sales team on +44 20 3880 2050 or via email at

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