Joins Forces with XConnect to Combat Digital Identity Fraud Across Banking, Fintech, and E-Commerce Sectors

XConnect, a distinguished provider of top-tier numbering intelligence solutions under the Somos Company umbrella, has forged a strategic alliance with, a globally renowned mobile identity data provider. Their shared mission is to combat the rising threat of digital identity fraud, specifically targeting global banks, fintech pioneers, and players in the crypto and consumer brand domains.’s invaluable real-time customer insights, sourced from mobile operators, empower XConnect’s aggregator and telco clientele to offer compliant, mobile ID verification and authentication through a streamlined API connection.

This collaboration equips XConnect with direct access to live mobile data, spanning an impressive six continents. XConnect’s clientele, in turn, gains access to’s best-in-class mobile identity products and comprehensive mobile identity solutions, further enriched by the pre-validation of phone numbers using XConnect’s extensive global datasets.

Tim Ward, VP of Number Information Services at XConnect, emphasises the growing challenge faced by players in the banking and fintech sectors when it comes to verifying digital identities. He notes that as mobile technology continues to evolve, it presents new vulnerabilities for these industries. Ward states, “We need to ensure we have the right technology solutions to remove risk effectively. By leveraging’s MNO APIs, we are strengthening our anti-fraud proposition and protecting enterprises from identity theft.”, boasting a global reach covering 2.5 billion individuals through 75 connected operators, offers trusted, secure, and easily integrated solutions for ID verification, anti-fraud measures, and secure online authentication. These capabilities facilitate the seamless integration of real-time mobile data into their partners’ existing services.

Mark Harvey, CEO at, highlights the significance of mobile phones in today’s identity landscape and acknowledges the challenges posed by the rapid adoption of mobile services. Harvey states, “Our partnership with XConnect is enabling us to lead the fight against digital identity fraud. Through our low-latency, real-time mobile intelligence APIs, we are helping telcos with fintech and tier-1 banking customers build seamless anti-fraud and account takeover protection to overcome growing risks.”

XConnect’s commitment to collaborating with industry partners to enhance its anti-fraud offerings remains steadfast. This partnership with enhances its product portfolio, allowing customers to navigate complex identification and verification (ID&V) challenges more effectively.


With a global footprint spanning six continents, is a premier provider of mobile data solutions, offering trusted, secure, and easily adaptable solutions for ID verification, anti-fraud measures, and secure online authentication. collaborates with established KYC, identity verification, and risk data providers, facilitating seamless integration into leading global brands with a demand for mobile identity solutions. By integrating real-time mobile data into their partners’ existing services, empowers them to expand and enrich their customer offerings across new services, use cases, and geographies through SAFr, their single standards-based, mobile intelligence API.

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About XConnect

XConnect, a wholly owned subsidiary of Somos Inc., specialises in consolidating, maintaining, and delivering trusted telephone number intelligence to leading telecommunication service providers worldwide. The company processes information from numerous global datasets, assisting customers in solving routing, validation, and fraud challenges in real time. XConnect’s Number Information Services support voice and messaging routing, fraud prevention, and insights identification, facilitating the deployment and evolution of next-generation communications technologies like VoLTE and RCS. Their services are accessible through a global distributed hybrid cloud platform, utilising simple, secure, and scalable real-time protocols and APIs.

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