Launches, Offering Free, Community-Driven AI Access, a pioneering AI platform, was officially unveiled on May 4th, promising to democratise access to artificial intelligence technologies globally. The platform is unique in that it offers robust AI functionalities at no cost, challenging the conventional model of restricted access behind paywalls. stands out for its commitment to transparency and empowering users. This community-driven platform ensures that powerful generative AI tools are accessible to all, regardless of financial constraints, fostering a space where everyone can benefit from AI advancements.

Community-Led Innovation

At its core, champions a community-led initiative that invites users to explore and expand their creative and analytical capabilities using generative AI. The platform is designed to be inclusive, catering to diverse needs ranging from professional research to personal enrichment. It incorporates both proprietary and open-source AI technologies from the outset, maintaining a commitment to openness and innovation.

Regular Updates and New Features is set to introduce new features and large language models on a weekly basis. This transparent approach involves the community in the development process, allowing them to vote on future updates and contribute ideas, which enhances the platform’s relevance and user responsiveness.

At launch, users can expect features like Vault for document management, AI Agents for complex task handling, and tools for image and audio/video analysis.

Looking Ahead

Andrew Webber, Chief Marketing Officer at, emphasised the platform’s unique position: “We’re not just another AI platform. We’re a platform that believes in empowering users with the power of generative AI. Our unique approach allows you to choose from multiple large language models – including those used by our competitors.”

He added, “We created to democratise access to advanced AI tools, enabling anyone globally to explore and harness this transformative technology, regardless of their financial means. By integrating open-source tools, we channel the innovation and enthusiasm of the open-source community, making these powerful resources accessible to all users.” also showcases its capabilities by using its AI to assist in drafting and refining press releases, as well as creating accompanying images, demonstrating a seamless integration of AI into creative and professional processes.

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