Reply Attains All Six Microsoft Solution Partner Accolades for the Second Successive Year

Reply, a worldwide systems integration and consulting enterprise, proclaims today its attainment of all six Microsoft Solutions Partner designations for the second consecutive year, thanks to the dedicated efforts of its subsidiaries focused on Microsoft technology—Business Elements, Cluster Reply, Solidsoft Reply, Valorem Reply, and WM Reply.

Conferred by Microsoft, these designations, which have supplanted Microsoft’s traditional gold and silver partner competencies, are determined based on partner capability assessments. These assessments consider factors such as technical prowess, extensive experience, and the ability to deliver triumphant customer outcomes in alignment with the Microsoft Cloud vision. By securing all six Solutions Partner Accolades, Reply manifests its expertise across a comprehensive spectrum of proficiencies, including:

  1. Solutions Partner for Infrastructure (Azure): Demonstrating a profound capability to streamline the migration of critical infrastructure workloads to the Microsoft Azure platform.
  2. Solutions Partner for Data and AI (Azure): Assisting customers in the modernisation and proficient management of their data landscape across various systems, and constructing cutting-edge analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.
  3. Solutions Partner for Digital and App Innovation (Azure): Showcasing its proficiency and unwavering dedication to elevate developer productivity and customer triumph by constructing, operating, and overseeing cloud-native applications across multiple cloud environments, even extending to the edge.
  4. Solutions Partner for Security: Pioneering the establishment of Zero Trust organisational paradigms through integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions.
  5. Solutions Partner for Modern Work: Demonstrating its ability to empower customers in enhancing employee productivity and facilitating the transition to hybrid work environments through the effective utilization of Microsoft 365, including Viva.
  6. Solutions Partner for Business Applications: Delivering contemporary line-of-business solutions utilising the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and Microsoft Power Platform.

Filippo Rizzante, Reply’s Chief Technology Officer, expressed, “We are delighted to receive this recognition from Microsoft. Achieving all six Partner Designations for a second consecutive year exemplifies the ability of our companies dedicated to Microsoft technology to deliver cutting-edge and complex technological projects, showcasing a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving market, particularly with the advancements in artificial intelligence” said Filippo Rizzante, Reply’s CTO. At Reply, we take pride in empowering our customers with access to repeatable, scalable solutions that maximise their investments in Microsoft technology to help them move forward in their digital transformation journey.”

Reply, as a Microsoft partner since 1996, has consistently showcased technical proficiency and a track record of customer triumph. It remains at the vanguard of delivering excellence in Microsoft-based solutions. With over 800 certifications and its subsidiaries wholly dedicated to Microsoft technology, namely Business Elements, Cluster Reply, Solidsoft Reply, Valorem Reply, and WM Reply, Reply has empowered customers worldwide to unleash innovation across domains such as the Modern Workplace, Robotics, Metaverse, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and more. For further information about Reply’s partnership with Microsoft, please visit here.

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